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At Dan Jenkins Photography, we capture bespoke pet portraits with a focus on dog photography.  We’re a pet specific portrait company who whole heartedly understands the world of pet ownership. We’re pet owners ourselves. We have two dogs who both have fear aggression and Hip Dysplasia. We truly understand the emotional roller coaster your pets can send you on. Our experience is built on our history, and has you at heart the entire time.

Pet photography studio Cardiff

What makes us different?

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for someone, close to Cardiff, the Vale or across South Wales, to take some pictures of your dog. You may find yourself here after a recommendation from one of our previous clients. We have worked with over 500 dogs, rescues and charities between 2017 and 2018. You can find out how we got on in the review section.

I truly believe that a picture paints a thousand words, which is why we have worked so hard to create an image and experience that is unique to the area. Our clients are looking for more than just a few pictures of their dog in a field. Our clients are looking for images that are hung on the wall and cherished for a life time.

Our dogs (The Germans)

‘Why is he telling me about his dogs?’ you may wonder. I think they’re our greatest assets! Bane as a puppy became fear aggressive towards other dogs. We were massively under prepared for a German Shepherd like this. Over time we began to learn, love and train him by showing him that the world wasn't as scary as he thought it was, he slowly became the dog we always knew he would be. This entire process educated us on the inner works of how people feel when they are in this situation. A photography shoot doesn’t need to be filled with apprehension and judgment! A little bit of personal experience goes a long way. If you’re experiencing similar issues check out our dog walking club! Here you can mingle with thousands of dog owners across South Wales, share images and meet for dog walks! It’s totally free.

Harley then joined our household a year later, she is Banes younger sister. She was a dream! She was a smart, confident puppy that we hoped would balance Bane and bring us all together. We were wrong! Harley was diagnosed with pretty severe Hip Dysplasia at 8 months old. This diagnosis shattered us. We then spent another year working closely with our specialist vet to improve Harleys gait and physique to the point where she became a healthy and active German Shepherd. This medical focus took a dramatic impact on her social behaviours around other dogs. We’re still working with her and it’ll be a long process but we won’t give up on her.

Next time you look at a dog photographer,  consider if it’s a extension of the business or a fundamental pillar in their life.

Who are we?

I’m Dan, I’m a 29 year old engineering professional who loves his dogs more than his family! I began my adult working life at British Airways. Here, I had craft and precision installed into me from the very beginning. After years of studying, and hard work I realised that a job is more than a pay cheque. I needed to be challenged, I wanted to break the social norms and do something that generated true happiness.

I began taking pictures of my (then) little German Shepherd puppy Bane and he rapidly became my main focus with the camera. As I developed my skill set others started to take notice of the images we were taking. Dan Jenkins Photography was born from the love I have for Bane and an urge to do something different.


I work along side Nicola, Nicola is the human squeaky toy and partner. Between us we live with our Germans (Bane and Harley) and manage Dan Jenkins Photography. You may recognise us from the The Dog Walking Club?  A little corner of the internet where 15,000 people have congregated to talk about dogs, help each other and grow as owners. You can find out more about this in an up coming blog post.


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Powerful studio photography pet portraits - Otto.

Powerful studio photography pet portraits - Otto.

Quality driven.

Because of my background in aviation, it’s impossible for me to chase anything less than perfect. My dog photography and your beloved pet portraits need to be nothing less than outstanding. It’s a sad fact that our dogs life spans are shorter than ours and that one day that chapter of the book will come to a close.  Please do not leave the artifacts of this chapter to  unfocused images that don't encapsulate a huge aspect of your life. Your dog portraits should be hung in the house, for you to enjoy every day. Our house is covered in huge portraits that I smile at every time I walk pass. 

Dog photographers who genuinely love dogs.

We spend around 25% of our working time with dog rescues and animal rescues across the UK. For the last two years we have generated the art work for the Hope Rescue annual calendar. In 2018 we also carried out an adoption shoot for Cardiff Dogs Home, which became so successful the home also decided to turn the images into a calendar. We have also worked with Green Acres Animal Rescue in West Wales helping the animals find new and lasting homes. Regardless of our success, our primary motivation will always be to help these abandoned pets find a home that they'll never leave. I am a dog owner, and lover of animals first.


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