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This is our blog where we update out clients on pet photography shoots we have undertaken. This will include rescue, dog rescues, dog adoption, pet photography shoots and animal related projects,.

Cardiff Dogs Home - Dog Photography Shoot

Cardiff Dogs Home - Dog Photography Shoot

Lovingly called Cardiff Dogs Hotel by its volunteers and supporters, Cardiff Dogs Home is famous for the good work done for dogs and the community. Cardiff Dogs Home is responsible for a lot within the community. They provide a safe haven for any lost or stray dogs, educate on caring for your own dog, and they help rehome the many, many dogs who are stray or volunteered to them. As much as it is sad to see all the dogs that need homes, it’s also amazing to see all the good work done by the staff and volunteers at the home to ensure these dogs lead happy and healthy lives while they are with them.

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With the safety of dogs in mind, they provide services along side rehoming, such as microchipping and neutering under the best medical advice. Because of this, and everything we and they stand for, we were desperate to do a dog photography shoot for them.

Dealing with Cardiff Dogs Home was just seemless. Having a Pet Photography business and a popular dog walking group meant that we have regular communication with the Dogs Home already, but they remained professional and helpful throughout the entire process. The great thing about doing a shoot at Cardiff Dogs Home is the variety of dogs, and this shoot was no different. This shoot, we got to photograph Shar Pei’s which brought new joys and challenges to us.

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Shar Pei’s are amazing dogs. We haven’t had a lot of exposure with them in our personal or professional lives so this was a great experience for us. We learned so much! The staff and volunteers at Cardiff Dogs Home were so knowledgeable on the breed and helped us massively. The one thing we learned was that they are very hard to read. With most dogs, you can tell the general stress signals. You look at ears, eyes, tail..but with Shar Peis, this is slightly more difficult. But when you get to learn this, and spend some time with them, they’re just the most amazing breed.

Their muzzles are so soft, they’re so friendly, and they love pate (as you can see from this image!). A truly outstanding breed, and absolutely beautiful. Look at their fur, their skin and those gorgeous eyes. There are so many who are looking for homes. Shar Pei’s are recommended to be rehomed to someone who has breed experience, and if you have that experience and are looking for a Shar Pei buddy for your household, please please please consider Cardiff Dogs Home.

We really cannot thank the staff and volunteers at Cardiff Dogs Home for their help during this photoshoot. The room we were working in was quite small which proved to be a bit of a challenge, but that didn’t stop them getting involved and helping us get these fantastic images. We went through about 100 tubes of pate and Emmas hand was completely covered in dog slobber, but the dogs had fun, we had fun and the images certainly show it. To give variety, we did this shoot over two days. The second occasion, Dan met Hazel and Rebecca for some outdoor shots which came out great! There’s nothing nicer than capturing an image of a dog running, with their ears and cheeks in the wind, ball in the midst of their bite and slobber lines flying off left, right and center.

Here are some of the other images from the day we had at Cardiff Dogs Home. How gorgeous are they all?! And great news…some of them have been rehomed already!

At the end of every blog, I always write about a dog or a photo which really stood out for me. This week, I’m choosing this little madame. We were warned, prior to the Dog Photography shoot, that there was a puppy there. Now, puppies are my weakness when it comes to photoshoots..I mean, who wouldn’t have a weakness towards puppies?! This little one was a stray at a couple of weeks old, but the history did not kill her spirit. While taking a quick lunch break, we decided to break her out of her crate and let her have a little run around..well..She quickly fell asleep on Dan which even melted his heart! Luckily, she was awake long enough for us to capture these adorable images of her. You wont be surprised to learn that she was snapped up and rehomed pretty quickly. We just love a good end to a story!

Don’t forget, you’ll be able to catch some of these images in the Cardiff Dogs Home 2019 calendar - Contact the home for more information by clicking here.

If you’re interested in having bespoke images like these of your dog, we have a mini shoot in Hope Rescue, Pontypridd on the 28th of November 2018. We have a couple of slots remaining and 30% of profits are going to Hope Rescue. So do your bit, come away with some fantastic images and book in with us today! Click HERE for more information and to get yourself booked in.

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