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South Wales Dog Walking Club

South Wales Dog Walking Club

We really mean what we say when we care about you! You may never be a client of Dan Jenkins Photography but you can still make great use of what we do!

If you want to join a network of dog lovers, learn more about all aspects of owning a pet or just share images head over to our club! We don’t sell anything in the club, its all about being a South Wales dog walker! It’s totally free!

If you are looking for great content that’s free then head over to our blog page where well discuss anything from walks in and around South Wales, various business we love or pet nutrition.

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Our Blog

Head over to our blog page to get hints, tips, and help with all aspect of dog ownership in and around south wakes. We also run blogs on our trips with dog rescues, and animal rescues across the UK. If you want to be notified when we upload new blogs, sign up to our newsletter below.